Summer Vacation, Part 2

During the second half of our vacation, my family visited Mackinac Island. If you’re unfamiliar: it’s a tiny, cute island situated right between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan — a very popular summertime destination. And believe it or not, motorized vehicles are completely prohibited there! Everything is transported via horse-drawn carriage. Bikes are another common vehicle of choice. I don’t mind — it adds a bit of charm. During our visit, we stayed at the Grand Hotel, a historic hotel built in the late 19th century.

The Historic Grand Hotel at Mackinac Island, MichiganWe lucked out weather-wise — thankfully! My mom and I spent the better part of our second day walking around / exploring.

Here’s another shot I took during our walk:

Mackinac Island, Michigan
On our first night, we stopped by the Grand Hotel’s Cupola Bar before dinner. The views up there were pretty spectacular — it’s at the very top of the hotel, and overlooks Lake Huron and the Mackinac Bridge.

We ate dinner in the Grand Hotel’s dining room. This was my first-ever experience eating a five-course meal — yes, I said FIVE. Just look at all that silverware — wayyyy too many spoons! I, er… *eventually* faked my way through my silverware selections. My meal consisted of: course 1: jumbo shrimp-crawfish cocktail, course 2: five onion soup, course 3: garden greens salad, course 4: blackened filet of Mackinac trout and best of all, course 5: the Grand Pecan Ball.

Dining Room at Grand Hotel for Dinner
The pecan ball was by FAR my favorite part of the meal. And it was quite the indulgence. The dessert consisted of a generous scoop of rich, vanilla ice cream coated in pecans and served atop a warm, creamy fudge sauce. Hellooooo, heaven! I ordered it with a hot cup of coffee on the side, too.

Grand Pecan Ball Dessert at The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island

Throughout the trip, I couldn’t help but notice pretty flowers around every corner — during our walk, outside the hotel, inside the hotel. A flowery dream land!

Beautiful Flowers on Mackinac Island
While venturing around the island, my mom and I also happened upon the most adorable coffee shop, JL Beanery. We grabbed some coffee and sat outside to take in the serene views near the marina.

Coffee Shop J.L. Beanery on Mackinac Island

JL Beanery on Urbanspoon

On our last night, we went back to the Cupola Bar before dinner at the nearby Pink Pony.


Cupola Bar on Urbanspoon

And last, but certainly not least, my mom and I paid a much-necessary visit to the Grand Hotel’s new ice cream shop, Sadie’s.

Sadie's Ice Cream Parlor at The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island
I opted for the cake batter, which earned two thumbs up. I was unsure of what to expect, since I had only ever tried cake batter-flavored froyo in the past — never ice cream. It was quite amazing — I even tasted some actual cake bits mixed in there!

Cake Batter Ice Cream at Sadie's Ice Cream Parlor at The Grand Hotel

Aaaand, that’s a wrap! I always enjoy visiting the Island, and this year was no exception. It was nice to not only see my family, but also enjoy some R&R. Wish we could’ve stayed longer!

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