Summer Vacation, Part 1

Helloooo there! I’m comin’ at ya right after my week-long vacation. It’s about time I’ve gotten around to gathering my pictures for a post. I took tonssss of pictures, so I’m going to split them into two parts. First thing’s first, my whole vacation started off with a visit home to Wisconsin for my high school friend Steph’s wedding!


It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony — the weather turned out to be fantastic. I also had a chance to catch up with old friends I hadn’t seen in far too long!

Here’s another shot of us with the new bride!

On to other important matters: the dessert. It wasn’t a cake, but cupcakes. Several varieties, to be exact — chocolate, vanilla, red velvet — I think there may have been one other, too. Obviously I couldn’t have just one. 😉

Cupcakes for Wedding Dessert 2013
The next morning after the wedding, my family and I drove to Michigan for a week-long trip with my cousins. One of our first sight-seeing stops was Whitefish Point, a huge “stoney” beach, if you will — it’s filled with tons of beautiful stones that have washed up to shore. Here’s a shot of my brother and I there:

I was scared to get my feet wet… the temps were in the low 60’s that day!

Whitefish Point Stone Beach in Michigan
We also visited one of our favorite restaurants in the area — Brown’s Fish House. Let me tell you about this place: the fish is caught fresh each morning, and prepared that day. Instead of ‘farm-to-table,’ it’s ‘lake-to-table’! Ha! Delicious.

Brown's Fish House Restaurant in Paradise, Michigan

Brown Fisheries Fish House on Urbanspoon

Later in the week, I found myself riding mopeds on back roads with my cousins (in the middle of nowhere, really). Don’t let the smile fool you — this experience was sorta terrifying!

Here’s a pic of all the cousins (from left to right — my brother, me, my grandfather and my two cousins, Colleen and Karen).
And that wraps up the first half of the trip. Next stop was Mackinac Island — one of my favorite spots!

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