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My parents visited me two weekends ago for their annual summer New York trip. We typically pack a full agenda, and this trip was no different. Friday began with a matinee showing of The Book of Mormon. Call me cheesy, but I love musicals. It’s just one of those things. You either love ’em or hate ’em, and I definitely fall into the former category. Book of Mormon was absolutely hilarious! I’d heard good things, and the fact that the show boasts a New York Times ‘critic’s pick’ stamp of approval certainly had my hopes high. I wasn’t disappointed — my parents enjoyed it, too. Many other musicals I’ve seen in the past centered around romance. However this was a straight comedy — very, VERY tongue in cheek.

Book of Mormon on Broadway in New York
After the show, we stopped at Pegu Club for cocktails before dinner. We ate dinner at The Dutch, which was by far everyone’s favorite meal of the weekend. I ordered the salmon — one of the best salmon dishes I’ve probably ever had!


But the icing on the cake — no pun intended — was my dessert: devil’s food cake. This is not for the faint of sweet tooths (pardon my grammatical error here, but ‘sweet teeth’ just sounded awkward). The cake consisted of black pepper boiled icing, fudge sauce and white russian ice cream. This is no average devil’s food. The frosting on top was sort of a toasted marshmallow, if you will. I couldn’t even finish it, but definitely enjoyed it, and highly recommend it to any fellow choco-holics out there!

Devil's Food Cake at The Dutch in New York

The Dutch on Urbanspoon

On Saturday, we spent a relaxing afternoon walking through the park near my apartment after a quick brunch at The Smith. For dinner, we ate at The Library at The Public. Walking into the restaurant, I almost felt like I had uncovered a secret room. The decor was dark, but glamorous — mimicking a real old-school library.


Finally, we ate our last meal (brunch) of the weekend at Balthazar. Well-known for its bakery and french cuisine, Balthazar brunch does NOT disappoint! I ordered an omelette, pain au chocolat and a mimosa (which, might I add, was made with fresh-squeezed OJ… it just doesn’t get much better than that).

Mimosa at Brunch at Balthazar New York

Balthazar on Urbanspoon

After brunch, we took the ferry over to Governors Island. It was my first time visiting the island, so I had nooo idea what to expect. Although half the island was closed off for construction, we still rented bikes and rode around the area to explore. It was so cute — and best of all, a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here’s a shot right near the water, with a stunning view of the Statue of Liberty — what a way to finish off the weekend!

Biking on Governor's Island in New York
I’m glad we packed so much in, and I can’t wait for my parents’ next visit!

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