Instagram Weekend: Rooftops & BBQ

It’s almost Labor Day weekend! Who’s excited? Who’s a little sad that summer’s (almost) over? Well, I certainly have mixed feelings! I’ve had an awesome summer this year, but it feels like it just started yesterday. I am still excited for this Labor Day weekend (and the whole fall season for that matter). This past weekend, I savored every last minute of one of the *last* weekends of summer. On Friday, my friends and I spent the majority of the night hanging out on my friend’s roof. Not a bad view, eh?

Empire State Building Rooftop View in New York

Here’s a shot of my friend Anna and I later in the night… somehow we ended up with a bouquet of flowers. It seemed like the perfect photo opp. 😉


Later in the weekend, my friends and I went to brunch at The Strand Smokehouse in Astoria. (This was my first-ever time visiting Astoria — surprisingly! I really liked the area.) The Strand serves all BBQ fare, along with an excellent selection of beers.

The Strand Smokehouse Barbecue Restaurant in Astoria New York

I got a kick out of the sign out front…!

The Strand Smokehouse Barbecue Restaurant in Astoria New York

There were tons of southern-style options for brunch — and do know: the portions sure are plentiful!

The Strand Smokehouse Brunch Menu

We started off with a pitcher of summer ale — the perfect choice for a hot summer day. The beer came served in a growler with mason jars for glasses. Everything was very southern-themed — it added a fun twist to the meal! Funnily enough, they also used empty Jack Daniel’s bottles as water pitchers (how did they even think of that? Haha).

Growler of Summer Ale at The Strand Smokehouse

For my entree, I ordered the surf or turf omelette with pulled pork. This was one of the largest omelettes I’ve ever seen! I must say, I did not finish this beast.

Surf or Turf Omelette at The Strand Smokehouse


The Strand on Urbanspoon

It was a great way to spend one of my last summer weekends. Up next: Labor Day weekend. My dad will be visiting, and we’re looking forward to going to both the U.S. Open and a Yankees game. Can’t wait!


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