Instagram Weekend: Labor Day

Happy Tuesday! How was your long weekend? It’s hard to believe that summer is *unofficially* over already. This morning, I opened an email from Starbucks announcing the return of its pumpkin spice lattes. Really? It’s time already?! Ah, well — at least this weekend was the perfect summer ending! I began my mini-break with a nice run in Central Park on Friday — I couldn’t have picked a better way to start off the morning.

Central Park in New York During August

My dad was visiting for the weekend as well, and on Saturday, we journeyed to Queens for the US Open. We went last year too, making this our 2nd annual trip — it’s officially a new tradition! We watched several matches on the smaller courts. It’s pretty exhilarating sitting at court-level with the players!

US Open Tennis 2013

The following day, we went to a Yankees¬†vs. Orioles game. Our seats were right behind the dugout on the opposing team’s side. Very rarely do I sit up this close to the action! Let me tell you — it is absolutely spectacular to sit up that close, and there is truly only one downside: you really need to watch yourself for foul balls! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many balls come my way during a baseball game. There were at least two close calls where I was this close [ ] from being hit! Phew!

Yankees vs. Orioles Game

Also worth sharing: in honor of Labor Day, the Empire State building was illuminated with red, white and blue this weekend. A picture simply doesn’t do it justice!

Empire State Building on Labor Day

On the very last day of my weekend — Labor Day, that is — my dad and I ate lunch at Locanda Verde (my first time!). It was on my must-try list for a while! Although the menu’s main attractions are its antipasti and various pasta dishes, I just couldn’t help but focus my attention on its baked goods. I ordered the blueberry donut — a rich, moist, cake-based donut, evenly coated with a smooth blueberry frosting. Donut heaven!

Locanda Verde Blueberry Donut

Locanda Verde on Urbanspoon

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’ll be sipping my iced coffee for as long as possible until I realize it’s not summer anymore!



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