Instagram Weekend: Visit From My Mom!

Happy Election Day!! I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday. This weekend flew by after a busy visit with my mom. She arrived in town on Friday. I was pretty nervous that her flight would be complicated (after all the Sandy aftermath) but everything worked out! I met up with her right after work on Friday, and we walked over to one of my favorite neighborhood spots, Alice’s Tea Cup. They have the best scones, “brookies” (brownie + cookie) and cake —  and of course, TEA! After looking over the tea menu, we decided to order something a little out of the ordinary — coconut rooibos tea! Coconut in tea? I had never heard of it before, but it was deeelicious.

 Coconut Rooibos Tea from Alice's Tea Cup

Once we finished up at Alice’s, we walked over to Atlantic Grill for dinner. I love, love, love seafood. This place gets it right! I ordered shrimp and scallops. For dessert, I opted for the chocolate molten cake. My first bite tasted like a melted chocolate bar (heavenly)!

 Chocolate Molten Cake at Atlantic Grill

Atlantic Grill on Urbanspoon

We started the day off early on Saturday with brunch at my favorite close-by spot. It was necessary fuel for the long day ahead! We headed over to Bloomingdale’s and H&M to shop and (start to) pick out Christmas gifts. It still seems too early to be thinking about Christmas. After our brief shopping trip, we went to see the matinee showing of  “Nice Work if You Can Get It.” Matthew Broderick stars as one of the main characters. I have to say, I was pretty unsure of what to expect from his performance. I loved it! The show was very lighthearted, and the dancing numbers were especially outstanding.

By Sunday, we were both pretty spent. My mom flew out mid-day. I spent the remainder of the afternoon running errands — most importantly, a trip to Birdbath (City) Bakery for a chocolate chip cookie! I mean… their cookies are pretty hard to resist!

Chocolate Chip Cookie from Birdbath Bakery

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