Dessert Spotlight: Icebox Cake from Billy’s Bakery

Anyone who REALLY knows me understands my true love for desserts. I’m not a big junk food/fast food/fried food type of person… BUT, I usually can’t say no to desserts. This also applies to one of my favorites: ice box cake! If you’ve never tried icebox cake then you’re missing out (majorly). I never knew of it before moving to New York. Maybe it’s not a Midwest thing? Either way, I’m mighty glad that I discovered it!

Icebox Cake from Billy's Bakery

Icebox Cake from Billy’s Bakery

This slice was from Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea. Billy’s never goes wrong with their cupcakes or cakes. The icebox was cool, creamy, and refreshingly sweet. The portions go a long way, too! This one lasted me 2 days! I can’t wait to find another cake that’s up to par with this. Icebox is truly a special “summer” dessert.

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