Dallas & Final Four!

Sunshine, Mexican food and basketball. That pretty much sums up my trip to Dallas last weekend! I flew in to visit my friends from college and it was only a bonus that we got to catch the Final Four game, too. Go Badgers!



I arrived on Friday and we headed straight to lunch and drinks… outside, of course! I even got a little sunburned — despite my greatest sunscreen efforts! ;-)


Our friend Jessie got in a few hours later. We grabbed dinner right away — Mexican! (Something I’ve learned rather quickly: you can always count on Dallas for good Mexican food ;-) ).


We got all decked out for the game on Saturday! Tattoos and all :-D



The Final Four was held at AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play. My first thoughts walking in… “WOW.” It was easily the *biggest* stadium I’ve ever seen in my life. The jumbotron was the length of the court. As the saying goes…. everything’s bigger in Texas!

Final Four 2014

Sadly, we (BARELY) lost the game by a three-pointer in the last 15 seconds. But there’s always next year…!

My last day, Sunday, was a rainy one. So we grabbed brunch and some obligatory froyo. TCBY white mousse soft serve with cookie dough bits — helloooo, heaven!

TCBY Froyo

I’m so glad I got to see my friends — and my first-ever Final Four last weekend! Now time to start planning my next trip… :-D

Red Velvet Waffles at Beauty & Essex

Dessert for breakfast? Some would call it outrageous. Me? I call it “unexpectedly glorious.” Personally, I think dessert should be involved in every meal — breakfast, lunch and dinner. But hey, that’s just me! ;-) I was thrilled to discover another restaurant that agreed with this theory. While my dad was in town a couple weeks ago, we ate brunch at Beauty & Essex. He spotted red velvet waffles on the menu right away, and just KNEW we had to get them. Red velvet is my *all-time* favorite cake, so I had pretty high hopes.

Beauty & Essex Red Velvet Waffles

Believe it or not, these waffles really did taste true to form — just like the famous cake! And my expectations were definitely exceeded. Decadent and chocolatey — drizzled with a hint of sweet frosting in lieu of syrup. Mmmmm! Too bad they don’t deliver… ;-) I’ll be back!

Here’s a pic of my dad and I from the night before — (all my brunch photos were of food! Whoops…):


8 White Bags for Every Spring Occasion

White Handbags

Here’s a look at each of the bags shown above:

Tory Burch Basket-Weave Tote:

Tory Burch Robinson Basket-Weave Triangle Tote

Accessorize White Daisy Cut-Out Bag:Accessorize Daisy Cut-out Across Body Bag

Coach Large White Satchel:


Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Clutch (White):Rebecca Minkoff White M.A.C. Clutch

Kate Spade Beau Bag in Cream:

Kate Spade Beau Bag

 Cole Haan Berkeley Satchel:
Cole Haan Berkeley Satchel

Robinson Open Dome Satchel:Tory Burch Robinson Open Dome Satchel


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It’s Doughnut Comfort Food!

Nothing quite satisfies a morning dessert craving like a warm, glorious donut! Am I wrong? Didn’t think so. And in my opinion, it’s even better when said doughnut comes mini-style. Why, you ask? Because then you can have more than one (or five or seven) and not feel so guilty about it (right?!). Such is the case at one of my new favorite doughnut spots, Doughnuttery, in Chelsea Market. The shop serves up minis in a whole slew of different flavors (Fruity Cereal, anyone?) AND expertly paired dipping sauces.


I stopped by on a Saturday for my mid-morning sugar fix.


Let me give you a little backstory on the shop. Dougnuttery first opened back in December 2012, and it’s still going strong. The menu features over 20 different mini doughnuts (!) along with five dipping sauces. Each of the creations is thought up by both the founder, Evan, along with his manager, Patsy, who boasts an extensive pastry background. She’s the mastermind behind one of the most unique flavor offerings — the Cheesy Poof! Who says doughnuts can’t be savory?! 


I had the hardest time choosing between all of the flavors! Eventually, I settled on the Cacaoboy, Urban Monkey, Pumpkin Pie Brulee, Fruity Cereal and Cinnamon Sugar along with dark chocolate dipping sauce. Mmmm! Just look at all that fried, doughy goodness!


The most popular flavor on the menu is the Cinnamon Sugar! I asked the founder, Evan Feldman, to elaborate. He explained, “I think it’s nostalgic for people — takes them back to their childhood or makes them feel comfortable. It’s doughnut comfort food!” And I couldn’t agree more! :-D The most popular dipping sauce is the deep dark chocolate, followed by beer caramel. For first time visitors, Evan likes to “bring people out of their comfort zone to experience some new flavor combinations and hopefully a Doughnuttery experience!”


I’d have to say… of all the flavors I sampled, Cacaoboy was my absolute favorite! I don’t know what it is, but that chocolatey flavor they’ve got going is SPOT on.


I couldn’t resist texting a few pictures to my mom…




Doughnuttery on Urbanspoon

Thanks again to Doughnuttery for having me in. Check ‘em out the next time you’re in Chelsea Market! Fellow doughnut aficionados will NOT be disappointed. ;-)

5 Throwback Sex & The City Restaurants

Paging through Metro the other day, I was so excited to come across this Sex & The City article! The headline caught my eye right away. Isn’t it crazy to think that the show ended 10 years ago? I can hardly believe it. I wonder what the girls would be up to in 2014! Many of the original sights and scenes have (surprisingly enough) remained the same. And that’s just what this article sought to point out — several popular NYC restaurants from the show that are still going strong today.

Sex and the City Article

The article highlights a total of 5 Manhattan-area restaurants. I’m pleased to report that I’ve eaten at 2/5 of these (Balthazar and Tao!). As for the other 3, I’ll be adding them to my restaurant bucket list! I mean, if they’re still around post-Sex & The City era, I take that as a good sign. Here’s the list:

  1. Il Cantinori
  2. Da Marino
  3. Tao
  4. Balthazar
  5. Budakkan

How many of these restaurants have you visited?

Dinner at Fratelli

My friend Val and I discovered a cozy little Italian spot for dinner on the Upper East Side a few weeks back. Fratelli serves up classic Italian fare, with pizza as the main attraction. I was totally out of my ‘cuisine’ comfort zone there… I never usually gravitate toward Italian food! But this place changed my mind. Everything was so fresh and flavorful. Although it’s tough to pick ONE favorite part of the meal, I’d probably say it’s a tie between the pizza and dessert! The whole restaurant had a very ‘neighborhood’ feel. A perfect place for a low-key, leisurely meal.

Fratelli Collage 2-28-2014

We started off with the amazing bread crisps and sun dried tomato spread. It was like the Italian version of chips and salsa!

Fratelli 2-26-14

Then we split a salad — the Insalata Fratelli. It was just enough for the two of us! (This was my half of the salad. I told you it was enough for two!):

Fratelli 2 2-26-14

For dinner, we opted for the build-your-own pizza, topped with peppers, broccoli (don’t knock it ’til ya try it), pepperoni and tomato.


And for the grand finale… dessert! My favorite part of the meal. ;-) Fratelli’s specialty is a white chocolate polenta cake. Right when I heard that, it sealed the deal. I knew that’s what I’d order. Polenta in cake…? I’d never heard of that before! The flavor of the cake reminded me of french toast — just the right amount of warm sweetness — but with a lighter, fluffier consistency. Paired with the chocolate sauce on top, I couldn’t put my fork down. Pure decadence!


Fratelli Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Thanks again to Fratelli for inviting us in. I’ll be back again soon for my pizza and polenta cake fix. ;-)